Elon Musk says goodbye to blue bird logo, X.com will now redirect users to Twitter

Elon Musk says goodbye to blue bird logo, X.com will now redirect users to Twitter

Elon Musk has revealed that X.com will now redirect users to Twitter. He also hinted at a new logo, possibly replacing the familiar blue bird logo associated with Twitter since its inception.

Elon Musk says goodbye to blue bird logo, X.com will now redirect users to Twitter
Twitter is now X.com / Photo source (photo file)

Musk, known for making intriguing announcements on Twitter, didn't disappoint this week. He declared that Twitter will soon undergo a transformation into the "Everything App," a concept he has been discussing for quite some time.

In a tweet on Sunday morning, Musk wrote, "And soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds." A significant change has now been implemented, as Musk disclosed that the domain X.com now redirects users to Twitter.

Musk stated that X.com will now take users to Twitter.com and the interim X logo will go live soon. Interestingly, typing X.com in your web browser will now redirect you to Twitter.com. It remains to be seen if Musk will eventually replace Twitter.com with X.com, only time will tell.

Linda Yaccarino : 

Linda Yaccarino, Twitter's CEO, also discussed X on the platform, referring to it as a 'second chance to leave another mark.' In a Twitter thread, she officially presented X and everything the team hopes to achieve with the collaboration.

Yaccarino remarked, "Getting a second opportunity to make a significant impact, whether in life or business, is a rare and remarkable occurrence. Twitter revolutionized communication, leaving an indelible mark. Now, X is poised to reshape the global city narrative."

In another tweet, Yaccarino mentioned, "We've started seeing the shape of X in the last 8 months through our rapid feature launches, but we are just getting started." She indicated that X will be an application that provides 'everything' and Twitter is collaborating with its partners to bring X to the world.

Meanwhile, court documents presented on April 4 in a California court hinted that Twitter is no longer an independent entity. The company has merged with X Corp. According to the filing, "Twitter, Inc. has merged with X Corp and no longer exists. X Corp is a privately held corporation, incorporated in Nevada, with its principal business located in San Francisco, California." The merger was presented on March 15, and Musk, along with being associated with the company, is also the chairman of its parent, X Holdings Corp, established in March.

This unexpected turn of events signals a significant shift in the social media landscape, as Musk and X enter the fray with ambitious plans for the future.

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