Revoking Article 370 | Changes in Jammu Kashmir after article 370 Revoke

Revoking Article 370 | Changes in Jammu Kashmir after article 370 Revoke

Four years ago, something big happened in Jammu and Kashmir. They changed a rule called Article 370. It was a special rule that gave Jammu and Kashmir some special things that other places in India didn't have. Let's find out what Changes in Jammu Kashmir after article 370 Revoke.

Revoking Article 370 | Changes in Jammu Kashmir after article 370 Revoke
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What was Article 370?

Before we start, let's talk about what Article 370 was. It was like a special book of rules that only Jammu and Kashmir had. These rules made the place a bit different from the rest of India. People there had some extra rights, like deciding who could live there and who couldn't. But in August 2019, the government decided to remove this special rule.

Why Did They Remove It?

Now, you might wonder why they did this. Well, there were a few reasons. One big reason was to bring everyone together. Jammu and Kashmir is a beautiful place, but there were some people who wanted to split it from India. They wanted to make it separate. But by taking away Article 370, the government wanted to show that Jammu and Kashmir is a part of India, just like any other place.

Revoking Article 370 | Changes in Jammu Kashmir after article 370 Revoke
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Changes in Jammu Kashmir after article 370 Revoke

Removing Article 370 brought about many changes. It was like opening a door to new possibilities. First, it made it easier for people from other parts of India to go to Jammu and Kashmir. Before, there were some rules that made it hard for them. Now, more people can visit and learn about the place's rich culture and history.

But that's not all. The government also started to make new plans to help Jammu and Kashmir grow. They built tunnels and bridges to connect different areas. For example, they built a really long tunnel called the T-5 tunnel. It's like a big hole in the mountain that cars can drive through. This helps people move around faster and helps businesses grow.

Another big project is the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla rail link. It's like a train track that connects places in Jammu and Kashmir. Once it's all done, it will make travel easier for everyone. The train will go through lots of tunnels and even a bridge called the Chenab Bridge, which will be very, very tall.

More Jobs and Better Life

With these projects, people in Jammu and Kashmir are getting more job opportunities. More jobs mean more money for families. People can now work on building these projects and earn a living. Also, with better transportation, more tourists are coming to visit. When tourists visit, they spend money on hotels, food, and more. This helps the local economy and the people who live there.

Making Things Fair

Another thing that changed was how the government decided who gets to vote. They looked at how many people live in different areas and then made sure everyone's vote counts equally. This is called delimitation. It makes things fair and equal for everyone. They want to make sure that all voices are heard when making important decisions.

New Homes and Rights

The government also gave rights to people who were living in Jammu and Kashmir but didn't have proper papers. Many years ago, some people came from another place called West Pakistan. They didn't have the right papers to prove they lived there. But now, they are getting papers that show they belong there. This means they can vote, get jobs, and own land. It's like getting a seat at the table after waiting for a long time.

What's the Big Idea?

So, what's the big idea behind all these changes? Well, the government wants Jammu and Kashmir to be a place where everyone feels connected, safe, and happy. They want people to have good jobs, good schools, and good healthcare. They want everyone to be treated fairly and equally.

By removing Article 370, the government hopes to erase the lines that divided people and open doors for growth and development. They want Jammu and Kashmir to be a shining example of unity in diversity. The changes that came after Article 370's removal are like seeds of progress that are growing into a brighter future for the region.


In the end, the decision to remove Article 370 was about bringing positive change to Jammu and Kashmir. It was about making life better for everyone and connecting the region with the rest of India. The roads, tunnels, bridges, and new opportunities, brought about by the changes in Jammu Kashmir after Article 370 revoke, are like steps toward a better tomorrow. While there might still be challenges along the way, the people of Jammu and Kashmir are moving forward with hope, resilience, and the dream of a united and prosperous future.

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