Controversy erupts over foreign funding to NewsClick a Indian News Portal: A Detailed Look

Controversy erupts over foreign funding to NewsClick a Indian News Portal: A Detailed Look

In recent days, a storm of controversy has swept across the nation in response to a report by the prominent American newspaper, The New York Times. This report has ignited debates ranging from the hallowed halls of Parliament to the bustling streets of the country. The focal point of this controversy is a news portal named Newsclick, which allegedly received a significant sum of 38 crore rupees in funding from a Chinese source. BJP MP Nishikant Dubey's questions raised in the Lok Sabha, and Union Minister Anurag Thakur's subsequent comments have stirred a heated discussion, creating ripples in the Indian political landscape.

Controversy erupts over foreign funding to NewsClick a Indian News Portal: A Detailed Look
Photo: Anurag Thakur and Nishikant Dubey | photo source: bharatrising 

The Allegations and Responses

In a dramatic session of the Lok Sabha, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey voiced concerns regarding the foreign funding to NewsClick. He referred to the New York Times report, which claimed that Newsclick received a whopping 38 crore rupees from a Chinese entity. This revelation has raised eyebrows due to its potential implications on the portal's credibility and its influence on Indian politics. Dubey's questions have ignited a fiery exchange between political parties, leading to contrasting viewpoints and heightened tensions.

Union Minister Anurag Thakur, in a subsequent press conference, did not mince words as he criticized the Congress party and its leader Rahul Gandhi. Thakur lambasted their alleged association with foreign funds, particularly from China, and accused them of pursuing anti-India agendas. His comments have only intensified the ongoing political tussle, shining a spotlight on the nexus between foreign funding and domestic politics.

The Chinese Connection

The heart of the controversy lies in the alleged Chinese foreign funding to NewsClick. According to the New York Times report, Tek Mugal Neville Roy Singham played a pivotal role in orchestrating this funding. The report suggests that Singham utilized this financial influx to propagate Chinese propaganda, potentially impacting the Indian public's perceptions and opinions. The question of how a reputed news portal ended up receiving such a significant sum from a foreign source remains a matter of public concern.

Past Echoes and Present Consequences

This funding scandal is not the first instance of its kind. In 2021, a similar controversy arose when it was revealed during an ED investigation that Newsclick had received foreign funding amounting to 38 crore rupees. This previous episode sheds light on the depth of the issue and the persistent nature of such controversies. The revelation during the ED investigation led to allegations against Neville Singham, who seemingly played a pivotal role in this financial arrangement.

Political Backlash and Counterarguments 

The allegations of foreign funding have not gone unanswered. The Congress party and its members have vehemently denied any association with questionable funds. Rohini Singh and Swati Chaturvedi, mentioned in the New York Times report, responded to Dubey's accusations. Both journalists asserted that they have never worked for Newsclick and refuted the allegations of receiving foreign funding. This sequence of rebuttals has further complicated the already tangled web of allegations and counterarguments.

Implications for Indian Democracy

The controversy over foreign funding of Indian news outlets poses significant questions about the transparency and integrity of media organizations. The alleged connection between foreign funds and political influence raises concerns about the impartiality of journalism. The situation underscores the need for a robust framework to ensure the accountability of media organizations, safeguarding the democratic principles of a diverse and vibrant nation.


The controversy surrounding the alleged Chinese foreign funding to NewsClick has stirred a maelstrom of discussions and debates across the country. The accusations, responses, and counterarguments have shed light on the intricate relationship between foreign funds, media organizations, and political narratives. As the nation grapples with these allegations, it is essential to maintain a balanced perspective and uphold the principles of transparency and accountability, which form the cornerstone of a healthy democracy.

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