Great News for Owners of Older Vehicles in Delhi , Government has made an big announcement

Great News for Owners of Older Vehicles in Delhi , Government has made an big announcement

Have an old car that's been parked on the road? Well, here's some good news! The government has made an announcement that could put a smile on your face.

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No More Seizure or Destruction: 

If your vehicle has been sitting on the road, having completed its required time on the streets, you can breathe easy. The Transport Minister of Delhi, Kailash Gahlot, has given the green light to a new rule. What's the rule? Well, after your vehicle has spent the expected time parked on the road, it won't be taken away from you, nor will it be sent to the scrapyard. That's right, no more worrying about your faithful old vehicle being towed away.

Vehicles Validity Period:

As per the court's order, vehicles that are more than 15 years old since registration for petrol, and over 10 years old for diesel, are not allowed to be driven on the roads. If such vehicles are found on the roads, their owners are fined.

Kailash Gehlot announced :

Minister Kailash Gahlot laid it out clearly. He said, 'It's rather unfortunate that the Transport Department has been on a mission to confiscate and destroy old vehicles even if they're just parked on the road. But now, that's going to change.' The Minister's instructions are crystal clear: Once your old vehicle has crossed the time limit, there won't be any more seizing or destroying.

What's the Big Deal? 

In simpler terms, if you own a car that's been around for 15 years or more, and it's just parked on the road without being driven, you're in luck. You won't have to worry about it being taken away or scrapped. As long as you're not using it on the road, you can keep it parked without any worries.

So, if you've got an old vehicle that's been enjoying its retirement on the roadside, relax! Thanks to this new government announcement, it can stay right where it is."

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