Rajasthan Gig Workers Bill Passed | Protecting Gig Workers' Rights and Security

Rajasthan Gig Workers Bill Passed | Protecting Gig Workers' Rights and Security

Defining Rajasthan Gig Workers Bill, The recently Rajasthan Gig Workers Bill passed in the Rajasthan Assembly brings good news for gig workers. It introduces a clear definition for gig workers, highlighting their unique status in the workforce. According to the bill, a gig worker is someone who does work or participates in work arrangements outside traditional employer-employee setups. They earn from such activities, usually through contracts that specify a fixed payment rate and conditions. This even covers jobs paid on a piece-rate basis.

Rajasthan Gig Workers Bill Passed | Protecting Gig Workers' Rights and Security
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Welfare Board and Fund

The Platform-Based Gig Workers (Registration and Welfare) Bill, 2023, is now officially a part of Rajasthan's legal landscape. The bill marks a crucial step towards creating a better environment for platform-based gig workers. It establishes a Welfare Board and a welfare fund dedicated to the well-being of these workers.

Upholding Workers' Rights

The bill managed to secure approval in the Assembly, despite opposition commotion. The legislation stands strong in ensuring gig workers' rights. It identifies gig workers as individuals who operate beyond traditional employment models. This extends to those who work under contracts defining specific rates based on set terms and conditions, even encompassing piece-rate work.

Rajasthan Gig Workers Bill Passed | Protecting Gig Workers' Rights and Security
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A Step for Equality

The bill brings a much-needed change by insisting on gender diversity. The Welfare Board will have a notable feature: at least one-third of its nominated members must be women. This ensures a balanced representation that takes into account the perspectives of all stakeholders.

Simplified Social Security

The main objective of the bill is to create a safer environment for gig workers. It aims to guarantee access to various state government schemes and benefits. This ensures that gig workers can avail themselves of social security offerings tailored to their needs.

Forming the Fund

The bill goes a step further by establishing "The Rajasthan Platform-Based Gig Workers Social Security and Welfare Fund." This fund will directly benefit registered gig workers, providing them with essential support and assistance.

Ensuring Fair Contribution

To ensure the sustainability of the welfare fund, the bill introduces welfare fees to be charged from aggregators. These fees are calculated as a percentage of the value of each transaction that involves platform-based gig workers.

Empowering Gig Workers

The bill champions gig workers' rights by granting them a unique ID applicable across various platforms. It guarantees access to both general and specific social security schemes, along with a grievance mechanism for dispute resolution. Additionally, gig workers gain representation in decisions that impact their welfare through the Welfare Board.

Accountability and Fines

The state government holds the authority to enforce accountability. In cases of non-compliance, fines can be imposed on aggregators. These fines can range from Rs 5 lakh for initial violations to up to Rs 50 lakh for repeated violations.

Rajasthan's Progressive Move

With the bill's passage, Rajasthan stands as a pioneer in recognizing and addressing the unique needs of gig workers. This legislation signifies the state's commitment to ensuring fair treatment, representation, and security for its platform-based gig workforce.

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