Russia gas station explosion : 27 people die and more than 100 people got injured

Russia gas station explosion : 27 people die and more than 100 people got injured

Very sad news from Makhachkala, a city in Russia. A big explosion happened at filling station. This explosion made 27 people die and more than 100 people got hurt. The cause of the explosion is not known yet, and the police are trying to understand what happened.

Russia gas station explosion : 27 people die and more than 100 people got injured
Image of fire in Russia , makhachkala / Image credit : Reuters 

27 people died, and over 100 got hurt

Bad news from Makhachkala, Russia. A big boom happened at a gas station. 27 people died, and over 100 got hurt. Police are figuring out why it happened. The regional leader noted that three precious childerns lives were among those lost.

"At 6:00 a.m. local time (3:00 a.m. GMT) on August 15th, the sad event led to 27 deaths and 102 injuries," said Melikov's press service. 

Two fuel tanks exploded

According to the news, two fuel tanks out of eight exploded, prompting the involvement of over 70 individuals and 20 pieces of equipment to manage the fire. Authorities, including the police and city officials, swiftly evacuated people from the area.

This happened near a big place Globus Shopping Center. When the explosion happened, the police and ambulance came quickly to help. They are working hard to make sure everyone is okay and find out why this bad thing happened.

Images and videos viral on Internet

After the explosion, many pictures and videos were shared on the internet. Some pictures show a big fire, and others show people trying to help. But some of the things on the internet might not be true, so it's important to listen to the real news.

The people in charge of helping during emergencies said that more than 100 people got hurt because of the explosion. Some people have small injuries, like burns, and some have bigger injuries. People who help during emergencies, like firefighters and doctors, came to help the hurt people quickly.

Eyewitness Describes Chaotic Scene After Gas Station Explosion

One person who was there when it happened said, "All of a sudden, everything was covered in smoke and dust. We couldn't see anything, and it was really scary." This person's words help us understand how chaotic and scary it was after the explosion.

The fire from the explosion spread really fast and made a big area burn. The place that burned is about as big as 600 big beds put together. Firefighters came to stop the fire and help the situation. They are like heroes because they put themselves in danger to help others.

Right now, the people in charge are trying to find out why this happened. They want to understand what went wrong and make sure it doesn't happen again. This sad event reminds us how important it is to be safe and help each other, especially when things are hard. People from all over are sending good thoughts to Makhachkala, and everyone hopes for healing and peace.

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